Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pair Of Dirty Shoes - Say That

Pair of Dirty ShoesBeen a while since we heard from Istanbul-based label SOWAT Music, but here they return with this offering from local boys Emrah Arslan and Kaan Duzarat, AKA Pair Of Dirty Shoes.

Deep house with a slightly leftfield, experimental twist is the order of the day generally, across an Original plus remixes from Ave Astral, from Kaan himself (as Shrimpy) and, most noteworthily, Q-Burns Abstract Message. Well, I say ‘most noteworthily’ as Q-BAA is the biggest name, but while his dubbed-out and lightly acid-flecked rerub of Say That certainly works, it’s actually the more bumping pass from Ave Astra, a new name to me, that I’m liking the best.

Still, whichever mix you go for, it’s a release that’s well worth investigating for lovers of (nearly) straight-up deepness.

Out: This week

About: As stated, this is on SOWAT Music out of Istanbul who, in cyberworld, live here. Oh, and here's the label's Soundcloud page as well, where you can HEAR THIS for yourself.

Meantime, this is what the hype sheet has to tell us about Pair Of Dirty Shoes: “Both have been movers in the growing Istanbul scene, with Shrimpy heading the Vesvese label and hosting shows on the influential Dinamo 103.8 FM while Fattish can be found in DJ booths city-wide as well as collaborating on many music projects. As Pair Of Dirty shoes the duo try out a variety of sounds from house to nu-disco to techno, mixing and matching tempos and stylistic elements in search of their own cool sound.”

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