Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Desto - Glass Clouds/Stay Strong

desto glass clouds

More uncompromisingly deep dubstep here from Ramp, this time with the emphasis more firmly on the dub elements.

Glass Clouds rolls along at a half-time 70bpm, while Stay Strong technically registers at 140 but is still a relatively sedate affair; both are a hundred miles from the cheesy wobble-bass-plus-trance-vocal shite that Top 40 buyers think is dubstep, which is the main thing. I’m less convinced by the fractured, experimental beats on the Late Remix of Stay Strong but this is a heavy, heavy package all the same.

Out: 2 May

About: Ramp Recordings are another stalwart dubstep label who you really shouldn’t need me to tell you about... so here’s their website and let’s leave it at that.

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