Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ralph Good - Nishtyak

Coming on German label Red Eleven, part of the Housession stable, Nishtyak is two things at once: very current, and very retro.

Very current, because this kind of tuff tech-house is all the rage right now; here, it’s supplemented by some Turkish/Arabic-style female wailings and accompanied by a darker, proggier Dub. So far, so 2011.

But very retro, cos in it’s original form, this really isn’t that far from the kind of hard, percussive UK house circa 1993 (think early Limbo, Guerrilla, Give It Up) that eventually became nu-NRG and ‘hardbag’. Oh what silly, happy times those were. Sigh.

Anyway yeah, so this is all right. And I have no doubt would sound even better on poppers in a darkened room at 2am.

Out: This week

About: You can HEAR THIS at Red Eleven's Soundcloud page

Oh, and I’ve just looked back at the very limited info that came with this, and found that Ralph used to be part of a duo called The Good Guys. Which given that I just compared this (indirectly) to Give It Up by Good Men, struck me as kind of funny. Things really DO go round in circles, don’t they?

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