Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Avrg Joe - NY Diesel EP

Avrg Joe NY DieselIt makes me laugh when this sort of thing gets called 'future garage', cos it's not really all that new or futuristic at all… older heads will remember that there was a time, around the end of the 2-step era, that there was quite a lot of this very experimental steppy stuff about. Hell, even Azuli Black Label had a dabble! It's just that the more bass-heavy variants – the music that became dubstep and grime – got the most attention, and consequently we haven't heard much music like this for a while… and now we are and it's getting called 'future garage' or 'post-dubstep'. So it goes.

Never mind all that though cos this is just ace. Already big on Rinse FM with Scratcha and Del Horno, apparently, and quite rightly so. NY Diesel's the most two-steppy (and my fave, if pushed, but stick to the Crypt Remix), Purple Indica's the most dubstep-y and Snow White's the most downtempo/experimental, but all told this is quality forward-thinking music you should be checking for.

Just remind me again, though… wot do u call it? Garage?

Tee hee.

Out: This week

About: This is on Four40 Records, who seem to be part of the LU10/Lepento/Loved Up/Double Dice stable. The only link I've got though is for LU10 themselves. Oh no, hang on, here's a Soundcloud page as well, so you can HEAR THIS and everything! Off ya pop...

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