Thursday, 21 April 2011

Forensics - EVL

Forensics EVLForensics has featured on this blog once or twice before, his dark and sparse yet still strangely haunting and beautiful take on dubstep having been a favourite of TIWWD’s for quite some time. I actually get sent a lot more of Forensics’ shizzle than there’s ever time to tell you about, so sorry bout dat Kristian but I am listening!

In any case, this latest cut, EVL, is a typically brooding, menacing and moody affair, all ominous violin scrapes and a beat that recalls Massive Attack’s Karmacoma. It makes me think of wandering though deserted city streets in the darkness, looking for something (for some reason).

Anyway, it’s apparently being released as a single b/w Tied To The Big Hand, but I’ve not been sent that one. Still, check it out if you can - s’good.

Out: Now-ish, or if not then soon…

About: This will be coming on Forensics’ own label Methodology Recordings, which is also the epicentre of the 111bpm movement. Here’s the label MySpace and here’s the Forensics blog where you can download a ton of mixes n' stuff

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