Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Dubbel Dutch - DA011 EP

Dubbel Ductch DA011More quality dubstep/future garage action here, this time courtesy of one Mark Glasser from Austin, Texas (which was always, you may remember, one of the few places outside of the UK to have any UK garage scene to speak of, along with Poland… funny how these things work out)

There are five tracks in total: two originals, plus bassed-out refixes of tracks by Debra Cox, R Kelly and Ciara. Of the two originals, I think it’s safe to say you’d file Madloopz more under dubstep, while Fem Pressure is more on the future garage side of the equation (with hints of funky in the syncopated drums, to boot).

Speaking of boots (see what I did there?), the R.Kelly one has R.Kelly’s nauseating nasal whine on it, and is thus best avoided if you ask me. The Ciara one’s okay if you can handle the OTT R&B histrionics; but Debra Cox’s It’s Over Now vocal getting one more run-out will definitely bring a smile to the faces of all those who’ve lived through the SG and 'bassline house' (as we used to call it) eras…

Finally, digital buyers also get a bonus cut - the Dubbel Dutch Remix of Never Forget by Hardware. Which is my favourite out of the lot, mainly because it doesn’t sound that much different from something on (eg) Nice N' Ripe we might have been playing back in ’97.

All told, a very strong package that will appeal to today’s youngsters and older garage lovers alike.

Out: Last week (12 Apr) so still pretty fresh…

About: This is on the Dutty Artz label outta New York. Don't know a lot about 'em but here's their website and Soundcloud page... from which I'm gathering it's a pretty eclectic stable, and based in Brooklyn.

I've only ever been to Brooklyn once... but that was to go to Danny Krivit's birthday party. So does that make me hip cool and happenin', or not? Actually, don't answer that. Please.

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