Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sarp Yilmaz - You Know Baby EP

Sorry it's been a few days but 1. it was my birthday, 2. had iDJ reviews to do, and 3. put my neck/back out and had to spend an evening at the osteopath's! But we're back now, with this rather fine EP from Turkish producer Ilmaz.

"Deep sonorities full of soul and jazzy influences" is how the hype sheet describes this release, and yeah that just about covers it. The four cuts somehow manage to be deep, techy and soulful all at once, but Thou Shall Not stands out for its frankly bizarre vocal, which features some cock-er-ney geezer laying down his personal ten commandments ("thou shall not take the name of Johnny Cash, Desmond Dekker or Syd Barrett in vain… thou shall not read NME… thou shall not fall in love so easily").

Yeah, good stuff.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Freaky Vibes, a new label based in Valencia and run by Groovik, who's featured on here on several occasions.Here's their MySpace and here's Groovik's own Soundcloud page.

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