Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Dlinn - Alien EP

The Dlinn Alien EPOne of the full-on proggiest releases you’ll ever read about on This Is Why We Dance, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of prog when it’s done well, and this (mostly) is.

It’s quite ‘big room’, yet manages to be neither too shiny-spangly, nor too laddy tops-off, if you see what I mean. You know if you see someone like Sasha or Digweed or Howells play, and it can start out a bit wishy-washy sometimes, and then there’s a bit where it starts get good and a bit more pumped-up but nice and housey, only then they spoilt it by getting either all overblown and trancey-trousers, or just a bit tribal and dull?

Well, of the four tracks on this EP, Alien and Oops (the housiest and my fave) are the kind of records you’d hear in that good bit! Transized is a bit more down that epic/soundscape-y type road and hence less appealing to me personally, though I can see its appeal, while Moondream has tinges of electro about it and so is probably one for a slightly younger audience.

But the EP’s worth checking for Alien and (particularly) Oops alone.

Out: This week

About: This is on a label I’m not sure have featured on here before, CDR (The Creative Digital Record Label). Their website is in Russian (and a bit slow to load) but here's their Facebook page).

PS: No disrespect to my boy Danny H intended!

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