Sunday, 17 April 2011

Inka/Melos - Song For You/Jupiter

Inka Song For YouRight then, sorry it's been a whole week... there WERE reasons but I won't bore you with them. Anyway, now we're back we're also going to have a bit of a change of pace. Cos the whole point of TIWWD was meant to be partly about writing about music other than house, but because there's so much good house about, that hasn't happened as much as I like.

So for the next few days we're gonna concentrate on the dubstep/D&B/future garage/etc side of things. Partly because of what I just said… also because there's a LOT of deep techy house about, and a lot of it IS starting to sound a bit on the samey side... whereas in that whole post-dubstep arena I've been hearing some really interesting, forward-thinking stuff.

That said, you wouldn't really call this latest from probably my fave D&B label to be particularly forward-thinking, to be honest... it's just two slices of rather good liquid funk. I'm liking both cuts: if pushed I might go for Inka's Song For You cos it's slightly more rolling, but then Jupiter by Melos does that thing that seems to be the in thing in liquid circles right now of using old skool jungle beats, and I do like a bit of vintage jungle, so that's cool, too.

Out: Not until next week, actually, but gonna do all the recent/upcoming D&B/dubstep/etc bits in one batch...

About: This is No 14 from Vibration Records, and if I hadn't liked pretty much everything to date, they wouldn't be probably my fave D&B label, would they? Find out more here. Oh yeah, and they're on Soundcloud as well, naturally.

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