Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Renton - Photogram

Renton PhotogramWe’ll kick off the week (the working week, that is) with this latest offering from Smiley Fingers, for no other reason than that there’s only the one track, so writing about it won’t take very long... well, that and the fact it’s really rather good, of course.

Smiley Fingers’ own hype sheet has Photogram down as minimal, but I’d describe it as deep house... it’s minimalist in approach, for sure, but there’s not of that skittery rhythms n’ jarring noises rubbish, just a pulsating, understated groove that rumbles along doing its own thing quietly for seven minutes and 34 seconds, while various technoid synths tinkle away on top.

And that’s it. It’s one for warmups and comedown sessions rather than peaktime dancefloors for sure, but like I said, it’s really rather good. But then isn’t everything on Smiley Fingers? So far, anyway...

Out: This week

About: Given that I pretty much sleep on Smiley Fingers pillowcases, I’d be very surprised if you weren’t aware of this excellent London-based label by now. But here’s the obligatory hypertext link just in case.

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