Saturday, 9 April 2011

Yogi & Husky - Bass, Drums, Harmony EP

Yogi Husky Bass Drums harmonyA solid five-tracker here from the ever-reliable Salted Music, courtesy of Australia’s Yogi & Husky, who are also known of course as Random Soul*

There are no major surprises: it’s just classic-style west coast house. The title track, a midtempo affair with funk guitars and harmonised R&B/soul vox à la Caldwell or Kaskade, is if anything, a little too classic-style, if you know what I mean! But that’s okay cos Free Your Body and Takin’ It Back more than make up for it, particularly on the RSR Bounce Mix of the latter which has plenty of, er, bounce. Sadly though, the obligatory ‘jazz pianos and some ancient black dude talking about Harlem, over boompty beats… or may a little bit of hip-house instead’ number that you normally get on a Salted release is absent this time out – those are my favourite ones!

But like I said, this is a solid five-tracker all the same.

Out: This week

About: Find Migs’ Salted Music label online here

*I’m guessing Yogi and Husky might not be their real names either, come to that. Though you never know.

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