Monday, 18 April 2011

Hybu - Whatcha Gonna Do?

Not quite sure how you’d classify this one!

Watcha Gonna Do is kind of bassline-meets-big proggy Ibiza electrohouse, if that makes any sense. It’s kinda fun in its way I guess, particularly if you were 18 years old and full of energy and Class A’s… but far more satisfying to these old-man ears is Jay Robinson’s Deeper Mix, which comes from the most bassline-y/garage-y end of dubstep, with a big (but not stupid) wobble bassline sitting under cut-up, treated vocal snippets that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on an old Victor Simonelli record, plus what sounds suspiciously like a snippet of Papua New Guinea (but, er, probably isn’t, Mr Copyright Lawyer).

And then, to round out the package, Go Go Gadget is another garage/bassline-inspired cut, again with tons of energy and just a hint this time of the shiny electro influences.

Like I said, I’m not sure how you classify this overall; I’m not even sure if I like it that much, apart from the Jay Robinson rub. But it’s fresh in way that ‘hey I’ve made a tech-house record… and I’ve put a trumpet/some violins/circus music on it!’ is increasingly failing to be…

Out: Now-ish, but beyond that I can’t tell you.

About: This is – as you may have guessed! – from Four40 Records, and you can find them (and links to all their various social media pages) here

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