Tuesday, 19 April 2011

J.Kenzo - The Roteks/Protected

J.Kenzo The RoteksWe go deeeeeeep!

Funny how everyone’s different, innit? I was talking to someone else the other day who, like me, isn’t a big dubstep head or anything but does quite like a lot of it. And they described this kind of subsonic, subterranean, ultra-deep take on it as ‘boring’ (they weren’t actually referring to this record, just that deeper sound generally).

And I was like, chat ’bout?! Admittedly I might not want to go to a club where you only heard stuff like this for seven hours*. But when put in a broader context, this kind of minimal, menacing stoner rumble works a treat for me. And here you get two doses of it. I’m kinda preferring A-side The Roteks, because the movie dialogue samples help heighten the tension (though there are some of those on Protected, as well, they’re just not as prominent).

But both cuts are wicked all the same. When western civilisation collapses and you’re left staring out over the post-apocalyptic cityscape from your hideout on the 27th floor of a derelict office complex… this is what you’re going to want on the stereo.

Out: 2 May (check me out for being all upfront, n’ that)

About: This is the latest from the mighty Tempa, who if you know anything about dubstep at all need no introduction from me… and if you don’t, you’d best check their website, hadn’t you? Or read up on their massive contribution to the evolution of dubstep on Wikipedia, even... or bring yourself up to speed on their Soundcloud page

*Not sure I want to go to a club where you only hear any one microgenre for seven hours, come to that

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