Friday, 22 April 2011

Synkro - Look At Yourself

Synkro Look At YourselfApparently this track is already getting quite a lot of props in dubstep/future garage circles, and I'm not surprised – it's really quite stunningly good.

The hype sheet describes Look At Yourself as "sitting in the middle ground of ambient electronica, R&B and garage". I'm not sure I'd agree with the R&B bit so much but it's not a bad description all the same. I'm going to go for 'Donna Dee meets Massive Attack' - informed by UKG in the beats and the use of chopped-up vocal snippets, Look At Yourself is a strong contender for 'downtempo cut of the year' if you ask me! A simply beautiful piece of music. Nuff said.

On the B, It's is essentially in a very similar vein, while Girl is similar but with the R&B influence clearer in the use of crooned male vox as a sound source. While neither quite comes up to the level of Look At You, the EP as a whole nevertheless marks out Synkro as very definitely an artist to keep a close eye on. More soon, please!

Out: That I can't tell you – slackness on the PR's part, I'm afraid. Honestly, how hard can it be?

About: I CAN tell you that this is on Mindset Records, the Manchester-based label run by another producer you should definitely be looking out for, Indigo. Their website isn't properly up and running yet but you can find Synkro on MySpace.

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