Thursday, 28 April 2011

Akabu - Life Is So Strange

Akabu Life Is So StrangeSticking with the deeper vibes, here a downtempo/ambient track from the The Phuture Ain’t What It Use To Be album gets a series of more floor-friendly remixes from the very respectable line-up of Deetron, Lovebirds and of course Dave Lee himself, this time wearing his Joey Negro hat.

They all contribute two mixes each but I’m in a something of a rush now so suffice to say Deetron’s mixes are deep and Detroit-y, Lovebirds’ go down a very ’90s-sounding route (in a good way) with some ace Jersey-style organs, and then Dave/Joey takes it to bigger floors on a mix that I suspect has been made with a certain Balearic island in mind, yet is remarkably non-cheesy. Well, it is if you head for the Dub rather than the Club Mix, but then I’d generally favour the dubs from all three parties over the vocal passes… and in any case the vocal’s not really ‘cheesy’, to be fair, it’s just a bit more ‘soulful male croony’ than I tend to find myself into these days.

Out of all that lot, house jocks of a variety of persuasions should find something to play here, proving that Mr Lee and his Z imprint remain as relevant to the underground in this day and age as ever.

Out: This week

About: None of the artists or the label should need much explanation from here, but here’s the Z Records website anyway

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