Monday, 25 April 2011

Various - The Breaks 15th Anniversary Edition

After last week's dubstep-athon, we now head back into more familar funky territory with this collection of tracks that shaped the proto-hip-hop block party scene in 70s New York. Don't get it twisted, though – this isn't a re-release of the original The Breaks album released on Harmless many years ago (as I first thought), but rather a whole new selection.

Many of the tracks (The Champ by The Mohawks, Got My Mind Made Up by Instant Funk or Hercules by Aaron Neville, f'rinstance) will be perhaps a tad over-familiar for the more discerning funk lovers, but then this is meant as an introductory, educational-type collection, it's not supposed to be one for the diehards and purists! And even despite the inclusion of such old faves, there are plenty of lesser-known nuggets waiting to be discovered among the 31 tracks, too.

So: for older/better-versed funk/soul buyers this is worth a look… but if you're just discovering dance music's roots for the first time, it's pretty much essential.

Out: Ooh, ages ago… end of March. But it deserved getting around to, even if we are a bit late!

About: This is one of a series of releases celebrating the 15th anniversary year of Harmless, one of the best reissues labels going. Check 'em out online here.

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