Saturday, 9 April 2011

Leif - FINA002

Only the second release from this new label, and it’s a four-track EP courtesy of Swedish producer Leif packed with deep, garage-y beats to soothe the soul.

Picking favourites or going into lengthy track-by-track analysis seems almost superflous… this is just the kind of deep, sumptuous tackle that would appeal equally to a Paul Trouble/Grant Nelson or a Smokescreen/DiY kinda crowd. It’s got the sounds of vintage Jersey put through a mid-90s UK filter, it’s got beautiful wails, warbles and coos from Welsh sonsgtrel Donna Lea (but only on So Long itself, in case you’re vocaphobic), it’s got old skool piano stabs, it’s got phat PHAT bass, and basically if you don’t investigate further immediately, you are a fool.

Do I make myself clear? Good.

Out: This week, digitally (the vinyl’s been out for a couple of weeks)

About: As you don’t want me to think you are fool, you will of course want to find out more about Fina Records right now!

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