Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Various - Various 01

The first V/A release from D’Julz’s Bass Culture imprint, but the 14th release in total… and the 14th absolute corker. How do they do it?

The artists in question are JM Abooga & Danny Fiddo, Fabio Gianelli, Domy and Larsson. In Evil Intentions, Valencians Abooga & Fiddo serve up a slab of deep, organ-driven garage that’ll have the vintage Jersey heads in raptures (well, it’s got this vintage Jersey head in raptures, anyway). Gianelli’s Leitmotiv is a more contemporary-sounding deep houser with treated, not-quite-there stabs of male vocal that for some reason make me think of Timmy Thomas’s Why Can’t We Live Together? Fellow Italian Domy then goes seriously deep and driving on Go On, a track that doesn’t ‘do’ a lot but is nonetheless (or rather, is hence) another treat for the proverbial ‘heads’, before Germany’s Larsson brings the EP to a close with All By Myself, a slightly more drifty, leftfield affair with hand percussion a-gogo and the merest, most snippety of vocal snippets.

So that’s two Spaniards, two Italians and a German, on a French label… that’s how they do it. Deep house pan-Europeanism is clearly the way ahead! And here's the player thingummy, cos you SO need to hear this…

Out: Now, digitally, though the vinyl’s been around for a couple of weeks.

About: Like I said, Bass Culture hasn’t put a foot wrong yet, for me, Here’s their MySpace.

Phew… got through that one with no horses, trains or robots at all...

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