Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dirty Culture - The Bright Side EP

A simple two-track affair here, as Romanian deep house dude Dirty Culture, AKA Tudor-Radu Barbu (what a fantastic name), comes to respected Japanese imprint Apt International.

The tracks in question are The Bright Side itself and My Name Is Beautiful. Both are quite trad-sounding affairs – deep house leaning towards Jersey garage rather than tech-house – but both have plenty of dancefloor energy. The instrumental The Bright Side has some wicked sax work towards the end, but My Name Is Beautiful is my pick, coming on like vintage Junior Vasquez (albeit a little mellower) with its near-tribal drums and chopped-up female vocal.

All told, something of a treat for the older heads, while the current resurgence of interest in traditional house and garage means it could reach to younger floors as well. So let's hear it…

Out: This week

About: According to the hype sheet, "In the past three years Dirty Culture has clocked up releases for Einmaleins, Greelpool and Joaqchim Speith’s Affin label, delivering smooth, contemporary deep house that which continually garner the usual suspects attention."

As for Apt International, you can find 'em on Soundcloud (obviously), and here's their website as well.


  1. like your blog. why not linking each others websites? . cheers. andy

  2. Cheers Andy, why not indeed? :-)