Monday, 14 March 2011

D-Reflection - Human Body EP

The 12th release from Adaptation Music - a label I'll 'fess up to not knowing a lot about - is this excellent three-tracker from D-Reflection.

Day One is a midtempo deep, soulful house groover, sprinkled with some lovely jazzy sax licks and topped off with some sampled spoken word that sounds like it might come from a Noam Chomsky lecture or suchlike. Human Body Food is a more driving, dancefloor kind of affair with some sprightly piano action to bring a smile to the face of old-timers like me, that then moves towards jazz-funk territory with some nifty guitar work later on. And finally Funkified Future is another stomper, coming on like tech-house gone space disco and sporting the most pecular of hip-wigglin' synth riffs that could make a dead man dance.

On one level, there's nothing especially clever or groundbreaking going on here. It's just funk-fuelled deep/soulful house done properly (ie with some balls and energy, as opposed to all that limp, "ooh look at us, we're a proper band and we really like Roy Ayers" bizniss). But whack it on, pump it up and try and sit still. I dare ya.

Oh yeah, and here's a little taster:
Out: Now-ish, but I'm not sure exactly when. It doesn't matter though, you NEED this record.

About: Right, I'm flying blind here... but a quick Google throws up D-Reflection's Soundcloud, MySpace and Facebook pages, based on which I can tell you he's Dutch, his real name's Dennis Molema and he's worked with the likes of Soulfuric Records, Sean McCabe, The Sunburst Band and Aaron Ross. Not bad!

Meantime, another Google tells me that Adaptation Music are based in Nottingham, and previous releases have come from Sueno Soul, Vincent Kwok and Distant People, among others.

Truly the internet really IS all about search, eh?

(PS I quite like Roy Ayers, too. Just not piss-poor imitations thereof.)

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