Saturday, 19 February 2011

Various - Elevation's First 50 Re:Tooled & Re:Funked

Elevation First 50Oops, no updates all week? Sorry, didn't realise it had been quite that long but I've been stoopid busy…

Anyway, here's one I should have blogged about a couple of weeks back, but it's just too damned good to let it slide by unraved about. Cos this is about as good a house comp as you're gonna find right now, basically!

Celebrating the landmark first 50 releases from Irish stable, the album features some 21 tracks in full-length, unmixed format, plus two DJ mixes from Andre Kronert and Snuff Crew. Some of the artists involved will be familiar (Harold Heath, Scoper & Bubba, El Provost, David Duriez), most of them won't, but pretty much every track is a winner. Deep, techy house is the order of the day, with some excursions into slightly funkier or slightly proggier territory, and the odd side serving of retro acid… which is pretty much where house is 'at' in 2011, for me.

In fact, if you came to me and said, "I've not been keeping up, where's house music at in 2011, Russ?" I'd tell you to buy this, buy the Smiley Fingers compilation and buy any of 90Watt's Sound Of Amsterdam compilations. Between 'em, THAT'S where house music is at.*

Out: Feb 7, so if you haven't bought it yet you really ought to.

About: Elevation are based in Galway in Eire, are run by a very amicable chap called Darren Nugent, and can be found on that t'internet here.

*Well all right, maybe get a So Sound comp for the more traditional west coast-y stuff as well. And one of Nang's nu-disco collections for that side of things. And one of Acryl's comps for the very deep side of things. But you get my point.

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