Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mate_ U - Jumbo

Mate_U JumboAnother one (after that Ludowick release I just mentioned) that fuses techier elements with a more soulful feel, resulting in another surefire winner. Well, a surefire winner for TIWWD, anyway. Plus, it's on a label I'll confess to not having been aware of up till now, which is always good!

There's just the two mixes of Jumbo. The original works its snatches of heavily-filtered vocal over skippy, shufflin' beats and foregrounds the jazzual keys… yet without ever sounding wishy-washy (see scathing comments about the current state of 'soulful house' below). On the B, the Angel Mora & Frink Remix goes that bit deeper, with slightly tuffer, more driving and far less shuffly beats, adds some crowd/party noise and simply DRIPS in raw, 'deep house basement' funk. I think it's my pick of the two, but it's a close-run thing.

You can hear both on the label's Soundcloud page (link below), but to make things nice and easy…

Out: This week

About: Again like Ludowick, Mate_U is from Spain (Valencia, specifically), as is the label, Anura Records, so maybe they're putting something in the water over there at the moment! This is Anhura's sixth release, and while it's the first to really register on my radar, I'll definitely be keeping an ear out in future. Here's their website and Soundcloud so you can, too.

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