Monday, 31 January 2011

Giorgio Moroder Vs Martin Brodin - The Chase 2011

Okay, so you all know what The Chase sounds like. You also ought to know by now the kind of nu-disco groove Martin 'Deeplay' Brodin has been working of late.

Well, then, imagine a discofied refix of The Chase for house and nu-disco floors, and you're not going to be far off, are you? No. You're not. The B-side is home to a slightly more spaced-out Dub, as is only fitting.

Out: Last week, sorry. I didn't put it in the round-up thingy cos, stylistically, it didn't quite fit. So here it is now.

About: I should point out that this is not some 'cheeky bootie' but rather a proper, officially Moroder-sanctioned remake, and it's on Brodin's own label MB Disco, who can be found on MySpace and Soundcloud. Hit up the latter for a free one-hour label mix, which is always nice. In fact sod it, here it is (the label mix, I mean):

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