Monday, 31 January 2011

Andhim - Like A Wirsing

Andhim Like A WirsingI'm struggling to tell you much about this one… I like it, in fact I like it a lot, but how you'd describe it, I'm not quite sure.

But if I were to try… well okay, it's essentially a tech-house cut, only not as moody and serious as that implies. You know all that ker-razy Balkan gypsy jazz-inflected shizzle that's been doing the rounds? Well, this is nothing like that, but it does have a similar kind of jauntiness about it. If the Oompah-Loompahs from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory went to the fairground, in Berlin, fired up on Red Bull and Class A's… well, that's the closest I can get, really.

Hang on, that's getting a bit too surreal. So let's settle for a jaunty, rollicking, lolloping tech-houser with tons of energy and a big silly grin on its face, shall we? Or, I could compare it to the work of Enzo Siffredi, or Pleasurekraft, to which it's not entirely dissimilar.

However you describe it, though, I defy you not to bounce around the room when you hear it. There's a not-that-remixed remix from Hanne & Lore as well, while bonus cut Extragold ploughs a similar furrow, so the above comments apply all round, really.

Oh yeah, and 'Wirsing' turns out to be German for Savoy cabbage, in case you were wondering. Though I wouldn't say this sounds much like one, particularly.

Out: This week

About: This is on techno gal Monika Kruse's Terminal M, and the hype sheet describes it as 'Terminal M go house'. Does that help? And Andhim have apparently had stuff out on Great Stuff, Kling Klong and Wasabi, all labels which have cropped up on here numerous times. Anyway, for now here's the Terminal M website to look at.

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