Sunday, 9 January 2011

DJ Spen presents Assurance - And Be Glad In It

DJ Spen Assurance And Be Glad In ItOne for the traditionally-inclined here, as the former Basement Boy serves up a jaunty, rollicking little male/female gospel-inspired vocal number in a similar vein to Praise Cats' Shined On Me or, more recently, Chieko Kinbarra's Saved My Life.

Not got huge amounts to say about this one; as I said, it's very, very trad-sounding and as such won't be for everyone, but if trad is what you're looking for, then with Spen at the controls you know you won't be disappointed. Mix-wise, you get straight up Vocal, Dub and Instrumental mixes, plus a brace of DP1 B More Stomp mixes which strip down the vocal, add a JBs-ish breakbeat and might just take this cut to a wider audience than the soulful house mafia.

Out: This week

About: This is on Spiritual Sound, an offshoot of Spen's own Code Red Recordings.

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