Sunday, 30 January 2011

Various/Sare Havlicek – Nu Disco Apres Ski

Sare Havlicek Nu Disco Apres SkiThis is probably my most-played album of the past couple of months, so for that reason I'm not gonna bang on too much, except to say that

a) it's mixed by Sare Havlicek, who's rapidly acquiring 'Don' status in nu-disco circles
b) it's got cuts from various nu-disco faves like The Love Supreme, D-Pulse and Kotey Extra Band, plus a host of more up-and-coming names. Hell, even the mighty Blaze make an appearance.
c) it's completely freaking ACE and you should stop what you're doing, log onto a download store of your choice and buy it, immediately.

Out: This came out last week, but I got distracted, sorry!

About: This is the latest in the Music For Cocktails series - the 14th according to the press release, although how that squares up with the catalogue number (MFC008) I'm not entirely sure.

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