Friday, 28 January 2011

Affani - Back To The Old School

A two-track EP here from Affani, who I THOUGHT was a new name to me, although he’s apparently had stuff out previously on the likes of Twisted Frequency (which means I must have heard some of it) and Catch 22.

Nocturnal Recordings is known for its filtered goodtime disco-house vibes from the likes of Sean Biddle, and so it is here, but Affani, on this EP at least, takes a slightly tuffer, more jacking approach. The title track features a cut-up, looping disco riff, while Don’t Stop is a simple rolling-type affair; both should easily find favour with fans of Sneak, Carter et al, although both are more set-building tools than peaktime standouts in their own right. To these ears, anyway... but make your own mind up, obviously!

Out: This week

About: Nocturnal Recordings is run by Steve Mac and chums, and you can find out more from the label's MySpace.

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