Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nick Olivetti & Chase Buch - Last Beats From Twickenham EP

nick olivetti chase buch last beats from twickenhamA six-track EP that straddles the house/techno border and should keep ’em moving nicely. There's nothing here that does anything especially groundbreaking, admittedly, but between them Essa Hei, Don't Stop, Bebop and the three mixes of Tu Droga (Original, Acumen, Danilo Vigorito) should do the damage on the floor, with Tu Droga leaning more towards the techno side of the equation while the soulful inflections of Bebop and discoid flourishes of Don't Stop make those the picks for the house crew.

Out: This week

About: London duo Olivetti & Buch have previously appeared on the Munich Disco Tech series on Germany's Great Stuff, but this is on sister label Kling Klong. As well as the website you can find Kling Klong on MySpace and on Soundcloud

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