Saturday, 29 January 2011

Overwhelmed! A round-up

Okay, this isn't ideal by any means, but there's just SO much good house music coming out right now… and this weekend as well as babbling gibberish on here, I've got another 160+ downloads sat in my inbox waiting, plus some actual proper work to do… something's got to give!

So suffice to say, all these are well worthy of your attention, all of them are out this week, and all of them are in a deep and/or tech house kinda vein…beyond that you'll just have to click the links and do some digging!

David Alvadaro & Luca Baccheti – The Remix EP on Ovum

Andrea Loche – Lu Suerte on Erase Records

Harry Knuckles – High Life on Jump Records
(can't find a link, any ideas anyone?)

Hermanez – Plastic Confidence on Kling Klong

Maurice Aynard - Dimensiones Impossibles on Galaktika Records


Premiesku – Hooman EP on All Inn Records

Apologies to the labels/artists concerned, because all of these really deserve a write-up on their own. I would if I had time but I've not, sadly, so I figured, better to prop six great records quickly, than go into one or two in depth and let the rest go ignored…

PS Just by chance I noticed this is the 650th review posted on TIWWD, which makes me feel a little bit less lazy…

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