Saturday, 22 January 2011

Husky - Soul Of Sydney EP

Husky Soul Of Sydney epThe clue's in the title with Bringin' It Back, a slab of good old-fashioned disco/funk-fuelled house in Salted's traditional west coast stylee, that will delight those floors that aren't full of 18-year-olds on ketamine. The vocal's a male, semi-spoken affair that sounds almost as much like Tyree Cooper as Tyree Cooper does, and other than that I've not much else to say about that one really, it's just a jazz-flecked slice of sunshine, in four mixes that, to be honest, don't vary a huge amount.

It's complimented by two mixes of Soulfire, which in its original form is like a slightly deeper take on the above, with a Jamaican vocal urging you to "set your soul on fire", which I have to say sounds like a slightly foolhardy move to me. Husky's own RSR Rub then injects a little dancefloor bump, making for my fave cut of the EP.

Out: This week

About: This is on Migs' Salted imprint; to find out more, visit the Salted website.

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