Saturday, 29 January 2011

Murad L AKA The Craftsmen - Shifting Frequencies EP

Murad L Shifting FrequenciesOnly the sixth release from SOWAT Music, which has recently relocated from LA to Istanbul in Turkey. As you do.

The original of Shifting Frequencies is a deep tech-house number with just a hint of (nu) disco in the synth sounds, and really rather groovy. Remix-wise there are two from Asad Rizvi, and one from Predator. Rizvi's Deep And Spacey Remix is fairly self-explanatory, while his Silverlining Club Mix adds a nice (and slightly wonky) bump to proceedings. Predator's rub comes on like early progressive house from before it started to get boring (ie about 1992/3 - this wouldn't have sounded out of place on Guerrilla or Cowboy).

You also get two mixes of Good Times. The original is an upbeat and driving deep house cut with spoken vocal snips, while Candy Dealers (AKA Jay West and So Sound fave Christian Malloni) chunk it up considerably in an East Midlands kinda stylee, and throw in an extended yelp that recalls Spank Spank's classic Freak It, which of course was on Guerrilla.

If forced to pick a fave, I think it's between the Dealers' rub of Good Times or Rizvi's of Shifting Frequencies for me, but this is a very strong EP all round. Constantinople fruits: made to make your mouth water!*

Out: This week

About: SOWAT, says the hype sheet, "is filled with ambition, looking to merge its desire to release from an eclectic, high quality pool of house music producers, with an interest in visual arts and social activism". Here's their website, although they're apparently "away chasing flying pigs" so here's their MySpace as well.

* For the benefit of Americans, young people etc: Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits in the UK, and marketed under the slogan 'made to make your mouth water'. And Istanbul used to be called Constantinople. See what I did now?

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