Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Nathan C - Feelings

Nathan C FeelingsGonna kick off this week by rattling through a few things that've been sitting on the hard drive for a while. All of these were sent with no release date, so they might be a few weeks old by now or they could not even be out yet. I don't know, cos the PR people didn't bother to tell me…

First up, then, there's this offering from Nathan C, a very trad-sounding houser with a full female vocal. If you can get past the slight aroma du fromage, then it's an enjoyable chunk of throwaway fun, with a decidedly mid-90s kinda stomp, though I'd stick to the more stripped-down Dirty Secretz mix, the Original having a little too much of the 'overblown prog pop' about it.

Out: Who can say? I got sent it at the end of November so I'm guessing some time between then and now...

About: Nathan C has had releases on labels like Stealth, Toolroom and Cr2, which should give you an idea of the kind of thing to expect. But this comes on UK label Glam Rox Recordings.

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