Monday, 27 December 2010

Various - Neovinyl Allstars Vol 1

Neovinyl AllstarsMust admit, new label Neovinyl hadn't made a huge impression on me to date - that's not a diss, I'm just not sure if I even heard any of their previous releases. Which makes it all the more of a good idea that release number 10 is the label's first sampler EP/mini-album.

And what a sampler it is! If you like your house music deep, down and techy, with a soulful twist here, a disco flourish there and even a little garage-y skip in its step from time to time, then Neovinyl Allstars Vol 1, won't disappoint. From the jerky future-step of Elef's Bud's Dancer, to the low-slung East Midland-ish bump n' funk of Tom Ellis's Want You, to the straight-up deepness of Baldo's Looking Back For The Roots, this is a sure-fire winner.

Out: Now (for all of four or five days)

About: Neovinyl Recordings are based in Malaga, Spain. Here for your clicking pleasure are their website, a Soundcloud page where you can HEAR this and other releases and, finally, here's a YouTube stream of this whole EP.

And FINALLY finally, for those who are too lazy even to click the links, here's the Soundcloud player right here!

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