Sunday, 19 December 2010

Survival & Silent Witness – Graham's Tunnel/Bullet

After all that deep tech house, if this was a DJ set or Mixcloud show I might want to be flipping the script a little here… so let's look at a couple of this week's D&B releases, starting with this moody little two-tracker.

Mostly if you say 'techy' in a drum & bass context, it makes you think of horrible in-your-face Ed Rush/Optical/Bad Company boys' noise fodder. This, though, is techy for sure, but not horrible or in-your-face In the least.

Y'know how liquid funk could sort of be described as 'housey drum & bass'? And you know how house has gotten a lot techier in the past couple of years? Well then. Think a techier, slightly darker take on liquid and you get something like these two cuts.
Graham's Tunnel is the noisier of the two and perhaps owes a slight debt to dubstep in terms of its structure; I'm liking Graham's Tunnel but I'm loving Bullet.

Out: This week. And apparently already big with the likes of Marcus Intalex, Doc Scott and dBridge, if thatt's any help.

About: This is on a label called Audio Tactics, which I'll confess I don't think I've come across before. Their website is 'coming soon' but here they are on

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