Monday, 20 December 2010

Sydney & LukeZ – & I

Yeah, my boy DJ Sydney again, but can I help it if the man keeps consistently coming up with ace house nuggets? What's a boy supposed to do?

So, yes, here he comes again, this time in collaboration with one LukeZ – a new name to me – and, for once, not on Tokyo Red, but rather on Nightshade Music. Actually, & I is a tad more commercial/main room-sounding than most of the Tokyo Red output, but not so much so as to not be worth bothering with. It's just, with that rather polished, pop-style vocal, you might want to play it on an Ibiza terrace more than at some deep house free party in a squat, is all I'm saying.

Randall Jones supplies a remix but it doesn't do a huge amount different, albeit his rub is perhaps a little bit deeper and proggier. So either will work when you need to reach for something that's accessible, that's got bags of energy, but that won't curdle milk at 50 paces.

Out: Now

About: Nightshade Music is a label based in Houston, Texas – find out more here.

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