Saturday, 4 December 2010

Some D&B from Masai and Body & Soul

Feeling like a bit of an energy injection today, so thought now would be a good time to talk about these two singles from Masai and Body & Soul, which are both on a pretty firin' D&B tip…

In fact, be careful with One by Masai, unless you woke up this morning thinking, "What I could really do with, is a new arsehole tearing". It's pretty full-on stuff, as is Heretic on the B: so much so in fact that I wouldn't normally like it, except that, on the plus side, they've eschewed the shiny electro/trance stylings that everyone seems to be doing right now, so that alone makes this stand out head and shoulders above most of the cheesy stadium D&B doing the rounds.

Monster Walk VIP by Body & Soul is another very 'energetic' cut, and in fact most of the same comments apply as per the Masai release. On the flip though you get Crisis Nasca, which is still uptempo and hard but has a slightly groovier feel to it. Think Breakbeat Kaos with the most subtle of liquid funk shimmies and you'll get the idea.

Out: 13 December, both of 'em. So these might not be the most informed reviews you'll read but at least they're upfront!

About: The Body & Soul release comes on Nasca Records, the Masais single on Mainframe Recordings. As I know f*** all about either I'll let you Google 'em yourselves…

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