Saturday, 18 December 2010

Subb-An - What I Do EP

subb-anMore deep, tracky shizzle here, as well, with three tracks from this rising Brummie star.

Deep, techy house is the order of the day once more. The title cut features a disembodied D-Train vocal snip echoing over crisp midtempo beats and a nagging b-line, No More features similarly fucked-with female vocal snippets from LOIs and a similarly chuggy backbeat, while My Slang is just the tiniest bit more upbeat and funky… but that's in comparative terms, y'unnerstan.

Essentially, this is pared-down deep house/tech house bizniss, made for druggy 5am dancefloors or drifting off into outer space from the comfort of your sofa. Which is to say, TIWWD likes it a lot…

Out: This week

About: This is on Culprit, who are based in LA. Found a website for 'em but it doesn't look like it gets updated much, cos the discography only goes up to CP006 and this is CP011… so here, also, is label boss Droog's MySpace

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