Friday, 24 December 2010

Umek Vs Phntm - Freaks On The Floor

Okay, so Umek normally does techno in a housier way than most anyway, but this I think is quite possibly the housiest thing I've heard the man yet.

Based around a "all the freaks get on the dancefloor" vocal sample, a jaunty walking b-line and looping disco brass, Freaks… is an uptempo partytime stomper and no mistake, guv'nor. Vaguely reminiscent of DJ Sneak, only a bit more full-on, it'll get those freaks on the dancefloor for sure.

Out: This week

About: Umek needs no introduction, of course, but here he teams up with Neptuun City boss Phntm. Apparently this was out before, in 2005, but I can't remember hearing it at the time… anyway it's on Umek's own 1605 Music Therapy label, so here's their website.

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