Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Arco - Special Things EP

Arco Special ThingsRight, so last night I was reviewing singles for iDJ and I wrote a review of this, only to realise that it's actually out already… so obviously way too late to get it in a magazine that isn't out for another month. Still, the review was written, so here's what it said:

Four tracks, plus a seriously saxed-up remix of ‘Higher’. ‘Special Things’ itself is non-drippy, jazzed-up west coast of the highest order, ‘Moody Groove’ brings some live slap bass to the party, ‘Dancin’ has a phat-ass Harlem loft party vibe and… well, you get the idea. As absurdly funky and bumpin’ as we’ve come to expect from Salted.

I was gonna give it nine stars as well… so yeah, this is pretty gosh-darned groovy all round, really.

Out: Now!

About: Find Salted online here

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