Friday, 24 December 2010

Starjackers - Something's Happening

I'm probably supposed to say I don't like this, cos it's far from the coolest or most credible record you'll hear this week… but it is a lot of fun.

Not quite sure whether Starjackers is another alias for Norman Cook or what, but either way, for now this is available only at the Fatboy Slim website. Essentially, it's a big beat party tune that uses a massive chunk of the horns from Geno by Dexy's Midnight Runners at its main hook. No, it's not clever, but it is big. And it's borderline impossible not to smile when you hear it!

Personally I'm preferring the original to the more in-your-face Doorly Remix but I'm sure you'll be hearing both out and about lots…

Out: Sunday (Dec 26)

About: As stated, this is available through the Fatboy Slim website right now, if you can't wait till Boxing Day, from which point it'll be available through Southern Fried.

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