Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Betoko Vs The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone bootleg

betokoWell well well… not sure if it was just coincidence or whether someone actually reads this blog :-) but a few hours after I wrote about Good Parts' cheeky Ball Of Confusion rerub, this landed somewhat anonymously in my inbox.

In the manner of good, playable bootlegs since such things existed, this is an extended chuggy house workout with hefty doses of the original sprinkled on top – we've all had a few of those in our box. I remember in particular a French house remake of The Doors with a picture of Eric Cantona on the label I used to play, anyway I digress… yeah, this is nice.

Not sure if or when or how you get hold of it, mind. But a bit of Google- and Discogs-based detective work leads me to believe that Betoko is a 31yo Mexican guy called Alberto Cohen, and you can check out a load of his stuff on YouTube, so off you pop and enjoy that…

Out: Not 100% certain it is…

About: …but Wow! Recordings might know :-)

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