Saturday, 4 December 2010

Unclesound - French Connection EP

After taking a detour into in-your-face D&B, let's come back to what TIWWD knows and loves best – deep, groovy house music.

Unclesound are a French duo who go by the names Rafael Nemrod and Phatvass, and have previously appeared on the excellent Etoka imprint. Here they serve up a four-track EP with the emphasis on phat, disco-fied dancefloor deep house vibes. We Got The Groove references Rapper's Delight in its cheeky little vocal snips, Funky Star (in two mixes, the rerub coming from Sounddiggers AKA Justin Critchlow) has just the lightest hint of French touch about it, but the real delight here is Dope, which… is. Dope, that is. And here IT is. Nuff said!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Boston, US label Headtunes Recordings – so here are some Headtunes links: Website MySpace Soundcloud Facebook. At time of writing you can HEAR THIS at the Soundcloud or MySpace links so you've no excuses for not checking out this prime house slab!