Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ellesse - North & South EP

Next up, here's the latest from a producer who's definitely worth keeping yer eyes on, based on the tracks I've heard from the lad to date. Ellesse is main man at Manchester club night Kaluki, which used to be at Sankey's Soap.

On to the record, and I have to say calling this an EP is stretching it a bit, given that there's only two tracks. But such is the way of the world. At any rate, Cuban Brass (Dub) is mostly about the insistent percussion, which is made for moving bodies (and for long, slow blends), but does feature some rather lovely pads as well, and a squelchy (faux?) analogue synth lead. It's groovy enough as drum-led tracks go, but I'm feeling New York Boy more, with its retro Chi-town b-line and sparse 909 kicks.

It's not the most innovative/inventive/ground-breaking release in the world, then. But if you're after some no-nonsense jackin' house music, the North & South EP won't disappoint at all.

Out: Now (it just says 'late November' so I'm not sure how long for, but not for, like, months or anything)

About: I've just told you pretty much all I know about Ellesse, but this comes on Kaluki Music and it's only their second release so show some love, peeps! You can start by hitting 'em up on MySpace

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