Monday, 20 December 2010

Pete Dafeet – In Flux

This is the 40th release from Lost My Dog, which has quietly established as one of the UK's foremost deep house labels. So for the anniversary release, label co-owner Pete Dafeet steps up with yet another of his trademark deep house bullets.

You're surely familiar with LMD's bumping, East Midlands-influenced take on deep house by now, and all I'd add specifically about this track is that, thanks to the inclusion of some female vocal snippets, it's perhaps just a little more soul-infused than some of the previous LMD output. So I'm not sure how much else there is to say about it, except that the EP's got five tracks in total: the original of In Flux itself, two rerubs from Atjazz, and bonus cuts Think It Through and Future You. The latter goes down a slightly techier/proggier route, while Think It Through is in a similar vein, but again with cut-up vox that push it in the vague direction of tech soul or even future garage territory. A bit, but it's still in yer typical LMD deep house vein, essentially – which is no bad thing at all, cos that's what we love 'em for.

Out: This week

About: As I said, you should know all about LMD by now, but if you've just come in, here's their website

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