Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kotey Extra Band - Full Length

Unless I'm mistaken (which does happen), then this is nu-disco stalwart Steve Kotey's first, er, full-length since his 2009 offering as Afrobutt. And I'm glad to report it's a far more satisfying affair than said album, which got only a so-so 6/10 from yours truly in iDJ at the time.

The key thing to note is that Kotey seems to have gotten over the Moroder/Italo obsessions, and moved on to a sound that's altogether more organic and funky. Fans of 'cooler', more cosmic/Euro styles are still catered for - check Leave Me I'm Dancin' or Danger Eyes for instance - but cuts like Hustlin' or Scooter Show have the mid-70s stamped all over them, not the early 80s, and sound all the better for it.

There are no major surprises on offer, it's true. But it's definitely better than the last one – if we gave marks on here, we'd be looking at an 8 – and it's a sign that Kotey is still worth keeping an eye on. Because you do get the feeling the best is yet to come…

Out: This week

About: This is on Kokey's own Bear Funk label, naturally enough… visit 'em online here.

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