Sunday, 19 December 2010

Coeur D'Amour – Wild Lovin' EP

If I tell you that this is on Stardust Records, a new label set up by Philadelphia's DJ EQ, who not so long since had his own artist album out on Sean Biddle's Bid Muzik, then you should have some idea what to expect. Yep, this is 'back to the late-’90s' disco-house all the way…

That being the case, you could hardly call the Wild Lovin' EP the month's most groundbreaking release – in fact, let's be honest, it's 'archetypal', which is another way of saying 'formulaic', and it does have a slight whiff of cheese about it in parts.

BUT there's really rank, stinking cheese, and there's quite pleasant cheese. And if you cast your mind back to the late-90s, I think you'll find some of us were out in clubland having a blast while most of today's Shoreditch hipsters and too-cool-for school blognoscenti were still sitting around in their Postman Pat pyjamas playing on their GameBoys and listening to their Aqua CD. So fuck 'em. The five tracks here thankfully eschew the kind of electro snarls or horrible Dutch squeals that befoul much similar material these days, so they're all right in TIWWD's books… file this alongside the likes of Duck Sauce as 'good clean dancefloor fun'.

Out: This week

About: Stardust Records, as stated above, is a new label run by DJ EQ. Can't seem to find a website but here they are on Soundcloud

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