Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Mike Jules & Luke J Sammut - She Thought, He Thought

she thought, he thoughtRemember those 1980s records that you were never sure, was this indie or all-out pop? I'm thinking things like The First Picture Of You by The Lotus Eaters, or Wonderful Life by Black? Well, that's what the vocal on this reminds me of: it's got that same kind of 'earnest, soulful white boy' thing going on. I'm also wondering whether the title is some kind of reference to rd laing's knots?

80s pop and 70s psycholinguistics references aside, this is a pleasantly chugging slab of poppy-ish house/dance (or is it all-out pop?) that's probably one for the younger floors* rather than aging house diehards. Like, er, me. But it's got enough energy to do the do, and enough character to do it in a rather likeable way. I'd suggest the Rob Clarke mix might be the best for club play.

Out: This week

About: This is on a new-ish Aussie label called Brain Kat. Which has just made me think of Mooncat, but never mind that right now. Here's their website.

* By which I don't mean youth clubs or U18s discos; just those dancefloors where the average age is below 30. Which, let's be honest, isn't a lot of deep house clubs, these days.

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