Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Melomano - Vale EP

And here comes another one! Another quality deep houser from another firm favourite label of TIWWD's, that is, the label in this case being Unrivaled Music. Every release Unrivaled have sent me lately (and there's been a few of 'em) has been wicked, and this is no exception.

There's three tracks on offer, but I'm gonna concentrate on Pie De Limon which is the standout for me. Think the lushness you get with west coast house, only without the slightly saccharine pop sweetness that sometimes implies. Keep it midtempo, deep n' dreamy, then factor in a jazzual female vocal that's HIGHLY reminiscent of Nicolette (that's a compliment not a diss!) and you're looking at – or rather listening to – something rather special.

Vale itself is a touch more dancefloor, while Santiago AM is another mellow, late-night kind of affair. Both would stand up very nicely on their own, and the three together make for a very strong EP, but neither can QUITE compare to Pie De Limon for me. But like I said: every release Unrivaled have sent me lately has been wicked, and this is no exception.

Out: This week

About: Unrivaled Music can be found online here

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