Tuesday, 7 December 2010

DJ Linus - Machinery EP

Good and bad news on the releases/reviews front this week, pop pickers. The good news is that house music seems to be hitting something of a purple patch right this very minute, with absolutely tons of great trackage coming very, very soon (ie, this week) to a store near you.

The bad news is that I'm absolutely up to my ears, got 100+ downloads waiting for me on top of what's already in the 'to blog' folder, plus it's iDJ's reviews deadline coming up which is going to require some (all) of my attention at some point.

So might have to do one of those round-up thingies at some point this week, but for now let's crack on talking about this, which is the latest from the ever on-point Tokyo Red. There are three tracks: Machinery itself and Floking are maybe not quite so deep and groovy as recent TR material – nothing cheesy, just 'house' rather than 'deep house' if you see what I mean, but still very good and still more than up to the job of moving booties on your dancefloor.

But for me, the treat here is Right Here Right Now, which moves us back into deeper, more familiar territory and is, as ever, a very solid bet indeed. Lush piano chords, a fat but understated walking bassline, wooden percussion and soul-drenched half-spoken, half-sung vocal snippets… niceness!

Out: This week

About: I've banged on so much about how good Tokyo Red are that even THEY'RE probably sick of hearing it by now! So here's their MySpace and let's leave it at that.

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