Monday, 20 December 2010

Nic Fanciulli & Stacey Pullen – Limmo

Time was, when I used to speak to Nic quite a lot, cos he used to be one of the judges for iDJ's Raw Talent contest. Now I'm not there full time and he's not one of the judges anymore… well, what can I say? He doesn't write, he doesn't phone… …but I'm willing to bet the lad from Maidenhead was pretty stoked to be working with no less a figure than Stacey Pullen.

With a meeting of minds like that – one legend of the old school, one leading light of the new school – you'd expect something pretty good, and Limmo doesn't disappoint. It's a simple chugging tech-house groove, topped off with a spoken vocal (that I'm guessing comes from Pullen himself, though I could be wrong), but it's very, very effective.

More mixes wouldn't have gone amiss (there's only one promo'd here), but hey.

Out: Now (only for a few days, but we've gone into tomorrow now, so from now on up, 'this week' is back to meaning 'this week coming')

This is on Nic's own Saved Records, who you can visit online here, if you've a mind to.

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